Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sissel Sings in Two Duets with Bryn Terfel

Sissel has recorded two duets with Bryn Terfel on his new album with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, recorded in the famed Salt Lake Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.

Sissel sings on track 5, "Shall We Gather At The River" and on track 18 "Give Me My Song."  The latter composed by Benny Andersson of ABBA.

The album cover shows Bryn Terfel standing by the Great Salt Lake, which is 15 miles from Salt Lake City.

Listen to a sample of "Shall We Gather At The River":

Here is a promo video for the album:

Click on the tracks below for more information about each track.

Track List
1. What A Wonderful World       
2. Homeward Bound                   
3. Bound For The Promised Land
4. Faith's Call


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