Friday, December 14, 2007

A Very Sissel Christmas

There is an excellent article in today's Deseret Morning News in Salt Lake City called "A very Sissel Christmas." Coincidentally, for years I've made compilation CDs every XMAS (before Sissel Christmas albums were available for sale in America) and given them to my friends and also used the title "A Very Sissel Christmas."


Blogger jhougaard said...

Yes, it was a pretty good article. Just a little behind the times since her recent visit her has already passed. You have to translate the Dagbladet articles that the referred to in this article--about the Secret Christmas album--for those that don't read Norwegian. They were quite interesting. One was called Hemmelig Jul (Secret Christmas).
a review of the MTC CD

and two others Sissel CD NOT in Norway

Saa blir det Sissel-Jul likevel (So there is still a Sissel Christmas).

In addition any european people looking for the broadcast times of the PBS special in their country can find a schedule on

11:59 PM  

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